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Kasp K18060XKA H Steel CS Padlock 60mm

Kasp K18060XKA H Steel CS Padlock 60mm

Ref: 24550

MPN: K18060XKA

89.50 (Inc VAT )

Tough and durable, the 180 series is manufactured from a solid block of hardened steel with a 12mm hardened steel shackle.

Designed for industrial purposes but equally suited for high security domestic requirements. With a chrome plated lock body and shackle, the corrosion resistant 180 series is ideal for outdoor use.
•Hardened steel shackle -
Extra protection from hacksaw and cropping attacks.
•Double ball bearing locking mechanism -
Extra strength to resist torsion & pull attacks
•Chrome plated, hardened steel body -
Extra strength and resistance to corrosion.
•5 pin cylinder featuring a paracentric keyway and anti-pick mushroom pins -
Extra protection against picking
•2 keys supplied with each paddlock.

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