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Kasp K12030D Brass Padlock 30mm

Kasp K12030D Brass Padlock 30mm

Ref: 23830

MPN: K12030D

7.96 (Inc VAT )

The general purpose 120 series offers a range of affordable padlocks without compromising quality.

Available in a variety of sizes and shackle options, the 120 series offers a padlock to suit most domestic security needs.

{Features & Benefits}
•Hardened Steel (30mm and above) -
Extra protection against hacksaw and cropping attacks.
•Double bolted locking mechanism (30mm and above) -
Extra strength to resist torsion and pull attack.
•Solid brass body -
Added resistance to corrosion.
•Long shackle -
Provides greater shackle clearance for versatility.

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