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Kasp K11960XD HS CS Combi Padlock 60mm

Kasp K11960XD HS CS Combi Padlock 60mm

Ref: 23829

MPN: K11960XD

75.10 (Inc VAT )

With its heavy weight hardened steel lock body, supertough molybdenum steel shackle and anti manipulation locking mechanism, Kasp 119 series padlocks are amongst the most secure combination padlocks available today. The hi-tech double bolted locking mechanism features a special anti manipulation system to protect the lock from being opened through intelligent manipulation techniques.

The weather resistant electro-plated lock body with rust free internal components and dual drainage system ensures that the Kasp 119 series is ideal for outdoor use. The Kasp 119 series are true high security combination padlocks, suitable for demanding industrial applications, whilst offering the convenience of a keyless locking mechanism. 10 year guarantee.
•Supertough Molybdenum Steel Shackle - Extra protection against hacksaw & cropping attacks
•Hardened Steel Electro-plated Lock Body - Extra strength & resistance against corrosion
•Double Bolted Locking Mechanism - Extra strength to resist torsion & pull attacks
•Anti Manipulation Locking System - Protects against manipulation attack
•4 Dial Resettable Combination - Resettable combination for added convenience & security
•Rust Free Internal Components & Dual Drainage System - Extra resistance against corrosion

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