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Keyflow Key-3 OIL 20L

Keyflow Key-3 OIL 20L

Ref: 78884



Keyflow Key-3 Oil™
A highly palatable blended oil made from premium grade, cold pressed British linseed, rapeseed and Scottish salmon oil with the inclusion of garlic.

Key-3 Oil™ is scientifically balanced for horses, providing a rich natural source of the long chain omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA in addition to a balanced ratio of omega 6, omega 7 and omega 9
Why Key-3 Oil really is the good stuff:

Rich in EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty acids to support respiratory systems, blood circulation, skin health and suppleness
Research proven for joint support and cognitive function
Highly Palatable
Superior digestibility with optimum nutrient absorption
Extremely versatile (performance and racehorses, veterans, leisure horses, youngstock etc.)
Slow release, starch free energy for calm performance
Top-dress over daily feed
British Ingredients

{Nutritional Value}
Cold pressed linseed oil, cold pressed rapeseed (canola) oil, fish oil (salmon) and garlic oil.

Crude Protein Trace
Crude Oil and Fats 99.9%
Crude Fibre Trace
Crude Ash Trace

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