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HyPERF Studio Lux Ladies Ride Skins Nvy

HyPERF Studio Lux Ladies Ride Skins Nvy

Ref: 80374Main

MPN: 14110

50.00 (Inc VAT)

HyPERFORMANCE Studio Lux Ladies Riding Skins
The ideal choice for the active rider. Integrated flat seams make for a comfortable feel against the skin and promote performance whether in the saddle, cycling or running! These versatile skins have a light fleece lining for added warmth on a cooler day without adding restriction - 4 way stretch materials make the skins incredibly flexible whilst a wide waistband supports movement and promotes fit. Silicon dotted knees add grip when riding without hindering movement in other spheres. Designed with a flexible, breathable fabric to support the needs of the equestrian athlete. Finished with the reflective HySPORT logo to the top of the skins for added visibility.

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