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HyPERF Power Ladies Ride Skins Black

HyPERF Power Ladies Ride Skins Black

Ref: 80379Main

MPN: 14312

69.98 (Inc VAT)

HyPERFORMANCE Power Ladies Riding Skins
These incredibly durable, flexible skins are a fantastic choice for the serious rider, supporting your action without hindering movement due to the 4 way stretch properties. These skins are enhanced with integrated flat seams for optimum comfort and a double stitch waist design, following the height of athletic style. A subtle silicon full seat provides grip when in the saddle without restricting movement when walking, running or cycling. The no bulk ankles sit close to your skin, making them the perfect pairing to riding boots or trainers! Finished with the reflective Hy logo to the top of the skins for added visibility.

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