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HZK 8215 Superhoze 15m

HZK 8215 Superhoze 15m

Ref: 80670

MPN: 8215 8000

33.98 (Inc VAT )

The amazing expanding hose.

{Key Benefits Include:}

Expands up to x3 its original length and quickly shrinks back to its original size after use
Never kinks or tangles, ensuring continuous water flow
Manoeuvring and watering around your garden is easy due to its lightweight construction
Guaranteed leak-free fittings ensure a water tight connection
Hose Length
7.5m, 15m, 30m, 40m

{Hose Features}
Anti Kink, Compact, Flexible, Lightweight

Hose Structure

Guarantee Period
5 Years (when you register online)

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