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2699 T'scopic Spray Lance Plus 140

2699 T'scopic Spray Lance Plus 140

Ref: 71477

MPN: 2699 0000

34.00 (Inc VAT )

Telescopic Lance Spray Plus 140: 2699
Long Reach Watering: with added comfort
No plant is out of reach using the Hozelock range of watering lances and will ensure help ensure every area of the garden is watered to perfection.
The Telescopic Lance Spray Plus provides extra reach and is light weight, yet robust and packed with useful features including:
•Long reach telescopic handle that extends up to 140cm length
•Adjustable angle that provides convenience for watering plants at different heights
•Seven spray patterns: jet, cone, fast fill, fan, mist, fine rose and aerated
•Lockable variable flow trigger and separate flow control

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