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HZK 2250 Flow Max 2 Way Tap Connector

HZK 2250 Flow Max 2 Way Tap Connector

Ref: 73998

MPN: 2250 0000

21.49 (Inc VAT )

Flowmax 2-Way Tap Connector

Product Code: 2250
The Flowmax 2 Way Tap Connector allows you to connect two watering devices or hose pipes directly to one outside tap and has a third, permanently accessible outlet that rotates to allow water to be directed into a bucket or watering can.
{Key Benefits Include:}
•Connects directly to most garden taps and is supplied with 21mm (1/2” BSP), 26.5mm (¾” BSP) or 33.3mm (1” BSP) adaptors
•Ideal for use with automatic watering systems, controllers can be screwed directly underneath the tap

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