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HS MultiI-Protect Trousers

HS MultiI-Protect Trousers

Ref: 65939Main

MPN: 0088 459 0056

92.00 (Inc VAT )

{Description}Ideal for hedgetrimming work. Three protective pockets: for hedge trimmer leg protection, clearing saw leg protection and knee protectors, stretch material ensures superb freedom of movement, waterproof knee and hem areas, outer fabric with high cotton content for maximum wearing comfort, long zips on the back of the legs, loops for attaching the the hedge trimmer storage bag, leg can be zipped off to three quarter length, kidney protection.
{Standard Features}
Leg protectors
The optional leg protectors can be inserted into the inside pocket. They are made of breathable material that also distributes the impact over the material surface.
Knee protection
Knee pads can be inserted to protect the knee whether working in the garden, forest or workshop.
Thigh protection for HS MULTI-PROTECT
Patent pending. 65 cm long, protects against both cut and knee injuries with hedge trimmers. Highly effective, pleated cut protection material attached to a rigid, smooth and breathable lower layer.

Knee protectors for FS, FS 3PROTECT, HS MULTI-PROT
Knee protectors to insert in knee-pad pockets. Fulfils BS EN 14404, compatible with knee pockets of all standard work trousers.

Leg protectors for FS, FS 3PROTECT HS MULTI-PROTEC
Breathable additional impact protection for extreme projects. To insert in the inside leg pockets. Length 50cm.


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