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HL WL800 Wand Lite

HL WL800 Wand Lite

Ref: 66754

MPN: 47WL800

43.25 (Inc VAT )

{Description}Wandlites are brilliantly bright flexible powered strip lights that will run from any 12v battery. You can use them where there’s no mains electricity… in your shed, stables, farm buildings, cupboard, basement… anywhere!

And the great news is that they are easy peasy to install too -so they really are magic!

So what is a Wand Lite exactly:12v Battery Powered Wand Lite
800mm long LED strip light
operates from any 12v battery
light with no mains electricity
low consumption LED technology
patented spiral LED gives 360 degree light
water resistant

effective alternative to fluorescent lighting use with any 12v battery
mains not required
simple to install takes minutes
light weight but virtually unbreakable12v battery powered wand lite
eco friendly

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