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Guardian Rug & Neck Burgundy

Guardian Rug & Neck Burgundy

Ref: 74906Main

MPN: 47RUG250RN-43

124.80 (Inc VAT )

Fence Buster – 250g Electric Fence Turnout Rug & Removable Neck Cover

The NEW Fence Buster range of electric fence turnout rugs have the benefit of our bespoke smart fabric in the chest & neck cover to instantly transfer the pulse from your fence to the inside of the rug or neck cover the second contact is made with an electric fence. With our patented rug design the chest of the rug and whole outer layer of the neck cover will work with an electric fence so the horse cant walk into, lean over or duck under the fence.

The main outer shell of the rug is a super strong 1680D ballistic weave polyester fabric with Du Pont’s superior Teflon shield+ coating for ultimate water and oil repellency. The rug also has the benefit of a fleece wither pad, and XXL tail flap for protection in all weathers, as well as fully taped seams and a soft 190t lining.
Fence Buster 250G
Turnout Rug & Removable Neck Cover
• Electric Fence compatible Rug & Neckcover
• 1680D Ballistic polyester outer Cross surcingle's
• Teflon Shield plus coating
• Soft 190 Nylon lining
• Pressure wither relief pad
• Removable rear leg straps
• Cross surcingle stomach straps
• Quick snap chest closure
• Taped seams
• Breathable

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