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HJS HJ835 PTST Explorer Sock Navy

HJS HJ835 PTST Explorer Sock Navy

Ref: 73795Main

MPN: HJ834


Manufactured using Merino wool which is a tough natural yarn, these socks are both anti-bacterial and have a super soft feel. Offering moisture control and excellent thermal properties they will ensure the best environment for your feet in even the most challenging of landscapes. The HJ835 Explorer Softop ProTrek™ features;

• Softop™ Non-Elastic Top
• Comfort Toe Seam
• Ventilation Panel in Foot
• Fully Cushioned Foot
• Ideal For Diabetics

The fully cushioned foot, comfort toe seam, and ventilation panels provide outstanding protection and comfort for a gentle stroll or when in more demanding environments. The ORIGINAL Softop™ non-elastic top ensures these socks stay up without irritation from pressure marks. This makes them great for diabetics, those who suffer from circulation problems and also for those with swollen feet and ankles.

Treated with unique TriSeal Technology, a treatment added at the final stages of the manufacturing process, which is specifically designed for socks containing wool being used in the outdoor environment. Whether tramping through wet grass, skipping round puddles or trying to avoid the mud the Tri-Seal application ensures that your feet stay comfortable and that your ProTrek™ socks remain:

• Water Repellent
• Stain Resistant
• Moisture Management

All of technical ProTrek range is Made in Britain, at our factory in Leicestershire
Composition}46% Merino Wool, 46% Acrylic, 8% Polyamide

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