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HJS HJ1352 Wool Diabetic Sock Black

HJS HJ1352 Wool Diabetic Sock Black

Ref: 73812Main

MPN: HJ1352

7.00 (Inc VAT )

{Details}These diabetic friendly socks are perfect for those with sensitive feet. They are made with a wool and acrylic mix which makes them comfortable and warm to wear, and have a cushioned terry-loop foot for added protection in sensitive areas. They also offer the following features,
Non-Restrictive Top
Fully Cushioned Foot
Smooth Toe Seam
The non-restrictive top is a loose knit mesh to prevent restriction of blood flow and improve comfort for swollen ankles.
You can be confident that these socks do the job, not only do they come with an unconditional 6 month guarantee they are also accredited by the Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.
27% Wool,
63% Acrylic,
10% Polyamide
{Washing Instructions]
Machine wash at 30°
Do not bleach
Do not dry clean
Do not iron
Do not tumble dry

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