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Heygates Maxigro Calf Nuts 16% 20kg

Heygates Maxigro Calf Nuts 16% 20kg

Ref: 71430

MPN: 113



4.75% OIL, 17% PROTEIN, 11.0% FIBRE
Maxigrow Calf Nuts are designed to be introduced as the sole first feed from 3 - 5 days of age when it should be fed fresh daily and uneaten food removed. From 3 weeks of age Maxigrow should be offered ad-libitum. Maxigrow is based on the very latest research in to maximising growth rates of calves. Selected protein sources supply the optimum ratio of Lysine and Methionine and a natural yeast supplement is added to improve nutrient digestibility and liveweight gain. Research shows that higher growth rates in early life leads to improved milk yield and growth rates in later life. Some of the key benefits of Maxigrow are:

Higher Intakes - It has been shown that calves will eat an additional 22kg of a
6mm nut in the first 12 weeks compared with a 3mm pellet.
Faster Growth - Trials show an 11% increase in daily liveweight gain.
Lower Cost - The feed cost per kilo of liveweight gain was £1.24 on the 6mm trial compared
with £1.31 when fed a 3mm pellet.
Heavier Calves - Trial calves were 6.7kg heavier at 12 weeks of age.

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