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Heygates Champion Beef Nuts 16% 20kg

Heygates Champion Beef  Nuts 16% 20kg

Ref: 77571

MPN: 1132



16% PROTEIN, 5% OIL, 12.5% FIBRE, 20% STARCH & SUGAR
High in digestible fibre so safe to feed at high levels
Maize provides slowly fermentable starch
High DUP from soya bean meal
Added rumen buffers
With live yeast to improve digestibility and mineral uptake
Linseed provides omega 3 oils for energy and coat condition
Optimum levels of minerals and vitamins
When feeding pedigree cattle it is important that animals perform according to their high genetic potential. If they are destined for the show ring these animals need to be in top condition.

Champion Beef Nuts have been carefully designed to be rumen safe. They are high in digestible fibre and slowly fermentable starch which, together with the addition of buffers and live yeast, will help maintain a stable rumen at high levels of concentrate intake.

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