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Grubs Iceline 8.5

Grubs Iceline 8.5

Ref: 67509Main


79.90 (Inc VAT )

The Grubs Iceline 8.5 Boots - Blue is a stunning new addition to the Grubs range with a quilted neoprene upper.
The feature of this boot is the lightweight quilted insulated upper using ISSU-FOAM ULTRA material that gives a high level of insulation but a very thin / stretchy upper. This results in a fairly lightweight boot that can be used in temperatures between -40º C to +15º C.

The Grubs Iceline 8.5 Blue uses a TRAX outer sole and HEXORB inner sole for impact suppression and thermal insulation.
For a very stylish & well insulated boot, the Grubs Iceline 8.5 Blue fulfills all requirements.

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