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Global Herbs Mud X

Global Herbs Mud X

Ref: 47541Main




Stay safe all winter. ....and get a wonderful shiny coat.
Syrup – everyday use
Powder – powerful solution

Mud-X used in the feed enables your horse to maintain healthy, shiny skin in even the worst conditions. If you worry about skin in muddy conditions and want a beautiful glossy coat then Mud-X is the product for you. It can be used at any time of year.
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Mud-X syrup is designed for routine use when conditions are not too bad – any horse will find it a tasty daily treat. Powdered Mud-X is the more powerful formula. Powdered Mud-X can also be used routinely if necessary but is stronger tasting. Bear in mind that skin is also a lot stronger if you use GlobalVite routinely.
{Benefits}•Fast help in winter conditions
•Comfortable skin
This powerful mineral nutrition is great for maintaining good skin condition
Turmeric, Cedar Tree, Creat, Chebulic myrobalan, Trailing Ecilpta - See more at: http://globalherbs.co.uk/products/mud-x/#sthash.ZFEFF6oR.dpuf

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