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Global Herbs Alphabute Super

Global Herbs Alphabute Super

Ref: 66968Main



Alphabute Super
Instant Action - works on the same day used!
Alphabute Super can be used as a quick acting soothing formula. It is particularly useful after your horse has been in difficulty for a number of months, but is not a substitute for the careful attention of your vet.
For better economy in less severe situations, use standard Alphabute. Both 'Alphabute' and 'Alphabute Super' can be fed at higher rates after discussion with our Advice team.

The Alphabute powder provides nutritional help in only a few hours and supports the circulation to affected areas. Ideal for use with Movefree and StrongBone during the course of a herbal regime for the joints. Important for muscle and tendon comfort. Ease away your horse’s troubles.
{Benefits}•For maintaining joints and soundness in the long or short term.
•Whenever your horse is restless in the muscles or tendons.
•For backs
•For all laminae
•After a fall to support recovery.
•After hard exercise to support recovery.
•Routinely after heavy road work.
•In conjunction with Movefree or Glucosamine products.
{Ingredients}Highest quality Indian Frankincense, Winter Cherry, Guduchi vine


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