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GLW Pig Finisher No.4 3mm Pellets 20kg

GLW Pig Finisher No.4  3mm Pellets 20kg

Ref: 71577

MPN: F80074

7.70 ( 1+ )
7.45 (5 +)
7.20 (20 +)
6.80 (50 +)

The GLW Pig Finisher diets are designed to meet the needs of all finishing pigs from 12 weeks of age to finish. The GLW Pig Finisher range of diets have been specially formulated to give producers e ability to select exactly the right feed for the age, weight, genotype and environment of their animals.

GLW Pig Finisher Diets are manufactured from carefully selected and quality assured raw materials to the highest standards of productionand traceability to ensure high quality, consistent products.
All diets are formulated using the most accurate raw material analysis available and utilizing Net Energy values so as to closely match the young pigs requirements.GLW Pig Finisher diets are carefully balanced to ensure pigs grow rapidly and efficiently but without depositing excess fat. Diets are available 3mm pellet form with some also as 6mm nuts.

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