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GLW Lamb Creep Pellets 18% 25kg

GLW Lamb Creep Pellets 18% 25kg

Ref: 71595

MPN: F41000

10.10 ( 1+ )
9.75 (5 +)
9.45 (20 +)
8.90 (40 +)

It is very important to ensure that the ewe is fed the highest quality feed. Over half of lamb losses are due to poor ewe feeding. Well nourished ewes produce lambs 25% heavier at birth, and their colostrum production is increased by 100%. This leads to much lower lamb mortality and higher growth rates, making the busy lambing period so much more rewarding!

The GLW range of sheep feeds are made from only quality raw materials to give the exact balance of nutrients to optimise health and production.

The GLW range of quality sheep feeds are designed specifically for your system and needs.

Lamb Creep - To obtain maximum market prices for early born lambs

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