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Hiefer Grower Nuts 25kg

Hiefer Grower Nuts 25kg

Ref: 71582

MPN: F31003

9.80 ( 1+ )
9.50 (5 +)
9.20 (20 +)
8.65 (40 +)

The GLW Heifer Rearing System It is well established that high protein diets promote optimum growth and development in modern dairy heifers, maximising stature, without laying down excess body condition.
The GLW range of heifer diets allow the use of both straw and silage systems from weaned calf to point of calving. Before all else, we must know where we are going, and use this information to decide how best to get there. To assist in this target assesment, the use of a graowth rate guide is essential. Below is an example for Holstein cross heifers that are expected to reach an adult, second calver stature of about 57 inches.

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