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Gold'n'Lay Free Range Layers Pellet 20kg

Gold'n'Lay Free Range Layers Pellet 20kg

Ref: 71562

MPN: F71518

7.95 ( 1+ )
7.65 (5 +)
7.45 (20 +)
7.00 (50 +)

The Gold’n’Lay range of diets are formulated to optimize egg production at all ages, using a phased feeding programme utilising up to five different layer diets, ensuring the correct nutrient intake throughout lay. This enables the producer to match performance demands and manipulate egg size as required. Yolk colour is one of the most important factors in the consumer’s choice when purchasing eggs. The Gold’n’Lay diets use specially selected ingredients to meet a higher colour standard than is typically found on the high street. From early lay up to peak production, maintaining body weight is critical. For flocks which are underweight we recommend our 18% protein Super Early Lay diet.

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