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GLW Goat Grow & Finish Pellets 25kg

GLW Goat Grow & Finish Pellets 25kg

Ref: 73891

MPN: F41110

9.10 ( 1+ )
8.80 (5 +)
8.55 (20 +)
8.00 (50 +)

Goats need a large amount of bulky feed. They prefer coarse forages as they are browsers by nature, rather than grazing animals. Suitable foods for housed goats includes straw, haylage and concentrate food.
GLW Feeds have a Goat Grower and Finisher diet available
in a 3mm pellet, making it ideal for kids to start nibbling on.
This diet has been formulated to support the kid through
growth up until nish if being reared for meat.

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