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GLW Aztec Silver Pellets 20kg

GLW Aztec Silver Pellets 20kg

Ref: 71603

MPN: F65121

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{Description}AZTEC SILVER is a 16% protien diet and is highly suited to both summer and winter feeding, fed at levels of 150gms to 300gms per day per animal. For growing cria and pregnant females this will give adequate levels of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Yeasacc is also added to the diets and acts in the same way as a probiotic in aiding the general helath of the animal. Selenium levels have been increased to 2.5mg/Kg in the finished feed. The selenium part is Selplex, which is an organic selenium and is a readily available source of this very important element. This means that the required levels of 0.3 to 0.6mgs/day will be easily achieved and help ensure that selenium deficiency is avoided. Remember that the majority of the UK soil types are deficient in selenium, therefore most forage grown in the UK will be deficient. By using Aztec Silver you will make sure that your alpacas and llamas will get the levels they require.
Oil 4.75 %
Fibre 7.5 %
Moisture 14 %
Selenium 2.5 mg/kg
Vit B12 17 mcg/kg
Vit D3 13400 iu/kg
Protein 16 %
Ash 7.5 %
Magnesium 0.5 %
Vit B1 57 mg/kg
Vit A 65000 iu/kg
Vit E 100 iu/kg

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