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Global Herbs Turmeric 2Kg

Global Herbs Turmeric 2Kg

Ref: 71429



Turmeric is a popular spice with strong soothing, antioxidant properties, commonly used for digestion, skin and joints.
Contains an average of 3% curcumin and 3.5% cracked black pepper to aid maximum absorption.
It is also recommend to feed with Global Herbs Flax Oil for optimum results.
Use routinely mixed in the feed, on its own or to support other formula such as Restore or Alphabute. Both Global Herbs Skratch products and Fly Free also contain Turmeric so there is no need to feed together.
Turmeric can stain, so please exercise caution when using it.
Please take veterinary advice on feeding to pregnant mares.
Helps maintain joint comfort Antioxidant
Aids horses prone to summer itching
and supports damaged skin
Palatable and easy to feed
Great value for money
Read mixed -
just add Flax Oil

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