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Ref: 73263



{Main Ingredients}
Soya bean meal, Wheat feed. Soya bean hulls, Soya beans toasted, Sunflower meal,Wheat, Molasses. Alfalfa. Whey powder, Soya bean oil.
{Key Features}
20% protein, low·starch, oat..free feed with elevated minerals and vitamins.
Low feed rate provides vital amino acids, minerals and vitamins v,hile controlling ene(9y supply.
Extra energy can be supplied by adding in oats or a reduced quantity of a suitable Gain feed.
Useful dietary addition when feeding less than recommended quantities of a suitable Gain feed.
Excellent for broodmares to meet mineral and vitamin requirements at au stages.
Ideal for foals, weantings and year1ings not requiring further condition.
Ideal for over-topped youngstock.
Balancing ratios by weight (Opti·Care:Oats):· 1:2=13% Protein. 1:1=15% Protein.
Low starch levels result in lower glycemic responses to feed and thereby decrease possible
negative effects of insulin and growth hormone spikes during growth.
Low starch levels provide nutritional support for horses and ponies prone to laminitis.
Low starch and oat free composition will help support a positive attitude
Soya bean meal provides excellent quality protein for skeletal development and lactation.
Milk whey powder also provides an additional source of amino acids.
Concentrated le\fffls of minerals including calcium, phosphorous, salt and magnesium.
Bioplex protected trace elements ineludi.. Copper, Zinc and Manganese maximise availability.
Selplex® Organic selenium helps to maintain additional antioxidant support.
Fortified with high levels of Vitamin A, 03, K and a full range of B v itamins.
Proviox natvral plant antioxidants support vitamin E utilisation.
Yea·Saco1> live yeast helps promote fibre digestion, nutrient absorption and good gut function.
{Instructions for Use}
Complementary feed for horses and ponies as a supplement to forage and ,vater. Maximum feeding rate 0.4kg/100kg bod)'\veighVday.
Concentrated source of minerals, vitamins and protein for a low feeding rate. Feeding 100g/100kg bodyweight/day provides a sound
diet base for adult horses and ponies.

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