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Elanco Clik Extra Pour-On SHEEP 2.2L PML

Elanco Clik Extra  Pour-On SHEEP 2.2L PML

Ref: 78689

MPN: AH702122JUI

150.35 (Inc VAT )

Longest lasting1, 19 weeks prevention – apply early for extended peace of mind

CLIK EXTRA launched in 2017 and is the latest addition to the CLiK family of blowfly products.

40 day meat withhold.
Trusted CLiK® formulation: dicyclanil (IGR) and FleeceBind™ technology.
Meets the challenge of a variable blowfly season.
Full fleece protection*.
Suitable for ewes and lambs with any fleece length.
Save time: use off shears, no need to re-gather sheep.
Ideal for early application, full season protection of lambs.

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