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Fly Repel Spray 750ml

Fly Repel Spray 750ml

Ref: 64338

MPN: 726

19.50 (Inc VAT )


A natural insect repellent spray

The key ingredient in Fly-Repel is Citrepel, a natural highly effective insect repellent which out performs synthetic repellents in tests. Produced from eucalyptus oils, Citrepel contains p-menthane-3.8-diol (PMD) and has been shown to be highly effective against a broad spectrum of insects in tests of efficacy.

Independent research material demonstrated the efficacy of Citrepel. Tests were carried out with the Anopheles Gambia mosquito. These are one of the largest mosquitoes and are difficult to repel, they are also a prevalent cause of malaria in the world.

Repellence Duration - A 20% concentration of Citrepel (a standard grade) gave a repellency lasting 3-4 hours in tests against Anopheles Gambia. In this test Citrepel out performed a range of other repellent materials including DEET.

Repellence Effectiveness - Additionally in a field trial performed in north east Bolivia, the repellent was applied on horse's legs and two hours later, the legs were exposed and the numbers of landings (effectively bites) over the next two hour period counted. A control had an average of 150 landings, 15% DEET had 23 landings and Citrepel had 5 landings

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