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Effol Superstar Shine 750ml

Effol Superstar Shine 750ml

Ref: 73242

MPN: 11326000

14.80 (Inc VAT )

Effol SuperStar-Shine
Effol SuperStar-Shine will give your horse or pony a more brilliant shine than ever before ? but without the coat, mane and tail taking on an artificial feel. Grooming becomes easier and the effect is guaranteed to last for several days. The Shine-Spray will help you to undo tangles as well as remove particles of shavings, straw etc. with virtually no effort during grooming ? the tail and mane will take on more body and bounce as well as greater volume. It will also successfully overcome the problem of split, dry hair. The skin-friendliness has been dermatologically tested and classified as \"very good\".
{Contains:} Silicon emulsions

{TIP}: Spray Effol SuperStar-Shine onto your horse's coat before clipping. It will facilitate your work enormously.

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