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EHG Blockley 810 Mill Horticultural

EHG Blockley 810 Mill Horticultural

Ref: 72399

MPN: V01620

999.00 (Inc VAT )

Eden Blockley

The Blockley is an 8' wide greenhouse with double sliding doors, featuring Eden’s new Zero Threshold™ door system, four large roof vents and built in wide gutters with downpipes supplied as standard.

The Blockley is supplied with a strong integral base providing faster installation and cost reduction over a separate base. The high eaves give a spacious, airy feel and ensures a great atmosphere for you and your plants.

Choose from 3mm horticultural glass, 3mm long pane toughened safety glass.

United Kingdom Patent Application No. 1415430.6 / Community Design No. 002546390-001-002

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