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Dr John Puppy 10kg

Dr John Puppy 10kg

Ref: 72638

MPN: S/052


Despite the breadth of G&P’s dog food ranges and our existing puppy feeds, there have been calls from many customers over the years to include a puppy-specific feed within the Dr John range. This is simply the result of the strength of the brand and the unwillingness of customers to move away from a name they trust. Dr John is rightly associated with working and sporting dogs, as well as good value – it’s VAT-free and has always offered outstanding value-for-money amongst popular working dog feeds.
We don’t underestimate the strength of the Dr John name for customers and we know that owners are particularly cautious about puppy feeds – puppies are vulnerable, but also require the correct levels of nutrients and energy to grow – so a trusted name tends to go a long way in reassuring owners.
Puppy Feed Formulation
Gilbertson & Page have a lot of experience in formulating puppy feeds, including the existing Gilpa and Heritage options. In fact, our Head of Nutrition investigated the link between puppy diets and adult dog health as part of her PhD!
Puppy feeds need formulating in such a way that they promote strong growth, but include a mix of minerals and vitamins that help in reducing the likelihood of arthritis, obesity and behavioral issues in later life. This means that, even with its value-for-money pricing, Dr John Puppy incorporates a good variety of dietary fats, including chicken, fish and linseed – a relatively unusual and effective mix in this kind of formula. The fish oils are included because several studies indicate that they contain components that improve early-stage behaviour and sociability.
The formula also contains the same prebiotic FOS saccharides as our premium Heritage Growth feed, as research has shown these to improve digestion and immune function in dogs of all ages.

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