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Dengie Performance Fibre 15kg

Dengie Performance Fibre 15kg

Ref: 80109



{Description}Fit, athletic horses are typically picky and therefore difficult to feed, so we’ve developed a high energy fibre feed that’s sure to encourage the fussiest of feeders.

The inclusion of grass, alongside nutrient rich alfalfa, provides a natural sweetness that’s complemented by a light molasses coating and added spearmint oil to offer a highly palatable, soft and easy to chew, high fibre feed.

{Key Features}
Performance Fibre is a straw-free formulation which means it is more digestible and cleaner than products containing straw – ideal for respiratory health
Based on alfalfa which is a natural buffer to acidity – great for maintaining gastric health
A great source of quality protein for top line and muscle tone
Alfalfa is a rich source of natural vitamins and minerals that are easy for the horse to absorb
Naturally low in starch and contains just 12% sugar, which is comparable to grass hay
The high level of oil provides slow release energy and helps to create exceptional coat shine
A great value feed – a stubbs scoop weighs 300grams and so there are over 60 scoops per 20kgs bag – two months supply if feeding 2 scoops per day

Respiratory Care
The alfalfa and grasses in Performance Fibre are dried at a very high temperature which reduces mould. Efficient extraction processes ensure Performance Fibre has a low dust content making it ideal for promoting respiratory health.

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