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DengieMedi-Bed Bedding 140L

DengieMedi-Bed Bedding 140L

Ref: 11011


17.50 (Inc VAT )

Dengie Medi-Bed is a precision chopped, dust extracted wheat straw bedding.
Medi-Bed is suitable for use with horses, camelids, poultry, pheasants and small furries such as rabbits.

The use of up-to-date extraction techniques helps to keep dust to a minimum.

Medi-Bed can be disposed of on a conventional muck heap where it rots easily. Packed in easy to handle 140 litre (approximately 25kg) bales, Medi-Bed is ideal for use both at home and away at shows or on the racecourse.
{How to Use}
To start a Medi-Bed for a horse: Approximately 4-6 bales, will be required, depending on the size of stable. Only 1-2 bales per week are needed in most cases to maintain the bed.

{Ingredients:} Dust extracted, chopped wheat straw.

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