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Darlac DP2543 Cape Cod Weeder

Darlac DP2543 Cape Cod Weeder

Ref: 77457

MPN: DP2543

10.99 (Inc VAT )

DP2543 Cape Cod Weeder
Removes weeds well below surface. Often described as the best weeder ever. Great in confined spaces.

Eco friendly bamboo handle & stainless steel head.

This beautifully finished tool goes through many processes to create a product that is not only aesthetically pleasing, it encompasses great strength and durability too.
The stainless steel head is hand welded and treated, to assume the appearance of “old steel” and still retain the rust resistant qualities of traditional looking stainless.
Soil adhesion is greatly reduced; nonetheless, it maintains the same rustic beauty of tools from bygone days!
Bamboo is a 100% sustainable source replenishing itself within 36 months. It is comparable to the tensile strength of steel, yet the finish is akin to traditional ash.

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