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Darlac DP1850 Expert Topiary Shear

Darlac DP1850 Expert Topiary Shear

Ref: 72900

MPN: DP1850

24.49 (Inc VAT )

DP1850 Expert Topiary Shear
Expert Topiary Shear takes the best of an age old design and just makes it better! These shears can be used single handed, are lightweight and easy to use with an ultra-smooth cutting action not normally associated with topiary shears.

The blades are SK5 carbon steel which can be easily sharpened or replaced if necessary. The spring gives this tool an easy and reliable function and is also replaceable.

Use for topiary shaping from balls to spirals or dwarf hedging but can also be used for heathers, herbs and many more plants around the garden. Also a great tool for edging the grass lawn!

Weight 350g

Overall length 350mm

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