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Darlac DP110TA Tele Adjustable Snapper

Darlac DP110TA Tele Adjustable Snapper

Ref: 72944


55.99 (Inc VAT )


This Telescopic Cut ‘N’ Hold Snapper has a longer reach extending from 1.8 to 3m. Perfect for light pruning up to 16mm, deadheading or gathering out of reach flowers, roses on arches, wisteria, collecting fruit or prickly holly. The twin gripper bars will hold stems when cut. This telescopic tool allows light pruning of soft growth to be carried out up to 18 ft (including user height) from the ground. Zinc alloy handle with aluminium shaft and high carbon steel blade make for a strong, lightweight construction with a keen cutting edge. Saw blade included which easily attaches to the head and take cut capacity to 175mm. Suitable for left or right handed use.

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