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Dynamic S3 Chainsaw Boots

Dynamic S3 Chainsaw Boots

Ref: 65925Main

MPN: 0000 886 8738


{Description}Upper material made of high quality, highly water-resistant nubuck leather. Particuarly breathable lining for better moisture wicking, padding bootlegs, robust lacing section with deep lacing hooks, easy threading eyelets, removable ergonomic insoles, steel midsole to protect against perforation and for indirect cut protection, excellent protection against wear and abrasion, cushing PU midsole, excellent grip thanks to non-slip profile soles. Approved according to EN 17249 and En 20345 S2 plus orthopaedic foot protection, BGR 191.
{Technical data}
Leg height cm 20
Weight kg 1) 2.0
Size 38 - 48
{Cut protection class}
Class 1
Protective boots for chain saw work. Cut protection is over the entire front of the foot plus the tongue. Please bear in mind that no safety boot or shoe can offer absolute protection from injury!
{Standard features}
Resistance to bending

Forestry boots are designed for extreme loads. STIHL carries out rigorous laboratory testing on the soles to ensure quality and durability.

Foot Size

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