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DK Deer Block 20KG

DK Deer Block 20KG

Ref: 79205

MPN: BLOC 0227


Many deer graze in parkland, forest, on heath or hill. They prefer to graze on grasses, other herbaceous plants, heather and tree bark, as can often be witnessed by a distinct graze line on trees at woodland edge lines. In general, the nutritional quality of such food stuffs is poor, and the soil acidic and lacking in the vital trace elements and minerals deer need to thrive.

Dallas Keith have developed a unique range of feed blocks and liquid feed to ensure farmed and wild deer alike have access to all of the minerals and trace elements that are lacking in their modern day diet.

Mineral deficiencies in deer cause:

Weight loss.
Nervousness and difficulty to manage.
Reduced calf retention.
More susceptible to disease.

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