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D&H CushCare Condition 18Kg

D&H CushCare Condition 18Kg

Ref: 70481



CushCare Condition
CushCare Condition is a complementary feed for underweight horses that need a diet lower in starch and sugar.
The benefits of CushCare Condition include:
Essential amino acids which are the necessary building blocks for protein and are therefore important in the nutritional support of muscle cell maintenance and generation
High in oil to provide calories without adding starch to support a healthy coat
Contains soya lecithin to support weight maintenance, fat digestion and absorption
Added B vitamins and carnitine also help the metabolism of fat
Our patented QLC package of antioxidants (including vitamin E, vitamin C and selenium) supports the horse's immune system and 'mops up' excess free radicals that may be associated with ageing
Contains live Actisaf yeast and prebiotics to promote a healthy digestive system and the normal function of the hindgut
Omega 3 fatty acids, glucosamine and our Mobility herbs package nutritionally support joint function
Contains a unique herbal blend including:
• Cinnamon for nutritional support of insulin metabolism
• Chaste tree berries (Vitex Agnus Castus), which many horse owners believe may be beneficial in support of older horses
Digestible fibre provides natural calories and promotes healthy hindgut function
{Key Features & Benefits}
New ‘coarse crumble’ for easy mashing
High in oil and quality protein, with added QLC antioxidants
Contains yeast to support digestive health
With added cinnamon and chaste tree berries (Vitex agnus castus)

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