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Platinum Plus Wood Pellets 15kg

Platinum Plus Wood Pellets 15kg

Ref: 72967


7.00 ( 1+ ) (Inc VAT)
6.55 (8 +) (Inc VAT)
6.10 (65 +) (Inc VAT)

{Description}Platinum Plus wood pellets are manufactured from a particularly high grade of source material - this makes these one of the lightest coloured wood pellets available. These wood pellets are suitable for use as wood pellet horse bedding (horse bedding pellets) or in modern pellet boilers. It is worth noting that as a horse bedding pellet Platinum Plus significantly outperform any other wood pellet on the market in terms of their absorption and their fluffiness (the volume they expand too) and are used by a number of Olympians in their stable yards. Platinum Plus wood pellets also have a very high calorific value for use in wood pellet boilers.

These pellets have now received their ENPlus Certification (LV007).

We now have fantastic new bags for the Platinum Plus Pellets & we're receiving great reviews about the quality of bags and product. We're confident that you will be impressed.

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