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Chuckit Tri Bumper M 21cm

Chuckit Tri Bumper M 21cm

Ref: 69930


15.98 (Inc VAT )

{Description}Whether your in the park or at the beach, the new Chuckit! Tri Bumper will get your dog all hot under the collar...when it comes to fetch that is! Simply throw like a boomerang or fling like a frisbee to start playing with your dog.

Made from the same durable rubber as the Ultra Balls and the same tough canvas as the Kick Fetch, this hard foam, triangular shaped toy will bounce erratically on land and float on water. With hard ball like ends and a flexible hard foam core this toy is a great all-rounder.

Available in Medium and Large.

Medium = 20cm x 20cm

Large = 26cm x 26cm

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