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Chuckit The Whistler Ball 2 Pack M 6.5cm

Chuckit The Whistler Ball 2 Pack M 6.5cm

Ref: 69928


9.98 (Inc VAT )

This is an old favourite of the team here at Active Hound. This was the very first ball the boss bought (Zak) and it sparked off the creation of Active Hound!

Made from the same durable, natural rubber as the Ultra Ball, this Chuckit! Whistler Ball has clever little holes in the ball to make it whistle in the air when thrown.

The whistle sound is more for your dog than you so don't expect an Acme Thunderer scream when you throw but instead a gentle pitch to attract your dog's interest. We've been told by more than one customer that this ball is superb for blind dogs!

As there are holes in the Whistler Ball it won't float but it bounces very well, goes a very long way when thrown and is incredibly durable.

Available in S, M (tennis ball size), and L. We're the only retailer this side of the Atlantic that offers every ball size from Chuckit! and you'll only find the M size with other UK retailers.

{Size Guide:}

S (2 balls per pack) - Will fit the Mini Ball Launcher only

M (Choose either a 1 ball pack or a 2 balls pack) - Fits a normal ball thrower as well as the Chuckit! Pocket, Junior, Classic, Ultra Grip, Pro 18M and Pro 25M Ball Launchers

L (1 ball per pack) - Fits the Mega Launcher and the Pro 26L

What size is best for my dog?

S - Toy breeds such as a Shih Tzu or a King Charles Spaniel

M - Great size for most breeds ranging from Jack Russells to Labradors

L - For medium to large breeds, the bigger the dog, the bigger the ball.

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