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Chuckit Sport 12 Pocket Ball Launcher M

Chuckit Sport 12 Pocket Ball Launcher M

Ref: 69919


8.99 (Inc VAT )

Fed up with cheap tennis ball throwers?

Got a small pooch?

Don't want a big launcher?

Look no further, try out the medium range Pocket Launcher and be astounded by the distance you can get.

We include a free medium tennis ball so you can rip off the packaging and start throwing straight away!
•1.5 x further than a standard tennis ball thrower (short range)
•12" long in length
•Slobber free pickup for your hands
•Minimal effort, maximum distance

Q. What size balls fit this launcher?

A. Any medium Chuckit! ball, such as a Medium Ultra Ball or a Medium Max Glow Ball

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