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Chuckit Kick Fetch S 15cm

Chuckit Kick Fetch S 15cm

Ref: 69914


21.98 (Inc VAT )

This stunning Chuckit! Kick Fetch is ideal for owner-dog interaction when playing fetch games in the park of the garden. If your dog loves playing football, loves chasing moving objects the the Kick Fetch is right up your street.

The Kick Fetch Ball has vibrant blue rubber grooves that is designed to encourage your dog to pick the ball up instead of chewing it.

The guts of this toy consist of compressed foam so no more punctures with standard footballs! The Kick Fetch has a nice bounce and is bouncy enough even for the gentler kicker to use effectively.

Choose from either SMALL or LARGE:

Small = 15cm diameter (mini football size)

Large = 19cm diameter (football size)
•Great bounce
•Puncture proof (no air)
•Easy pick up

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