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Chuckit Fetch Wheel S 20cm

Chuckit Fetch Wheel S 20cm

Ref: 69901


14.99 (Inc VAT )

It's almost bizarre but in essence that's what we like to do here - challenge the boundaries of fetch games.

That's why we've had a think and come up with a brand new product with two brand new sizes. Ladies and gentleman, we introduce the Chuckit Fetch Wheel in both small and large.

A new way to play ground games with your dog: roll it, bounce it, 'chuck it'! The Fetch Wheel is suitable for play on land or in water.{Features}
•High visibility
•Easy pick up
•Inventive play
•The exteriors is tough rubber
•The interior is made from durable canvas
•Fully buoyant in water
•Can be used as a tug toy
•Small is 19cm in diameter (190g)
•Large is 24cm in diameter (235g)

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