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Chuckit Fetch Ball 2 Pack S 4.8cm

Chuckit Fetch Ball 2 Pack S 4.8cm

Ref: 69898


7.49 (Inc VAT )

Your usual tennis balls just aren't cutting it?

Does your pooch like a good chew n' tear of your normal balls?

Then stop right there and look at these Fetch Balls as they last forever and are very difficult to destroy.
•Very durable
•High bounce
•Long range
•High visibility
•Natural easy clean rubber

Fetch Balls come in assorted colours.

Medium 1 or 2 pack = 2.5" diameter ball fits Chuckit! Pocket, Junior, Classic, Ultra Grip, Pro 18M and Pro 25M Ball Launchers

Large 1-pack = 3" diameter ball fits Chuckit! Mega Launcher

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