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Chuckit Erratic Ball S (2) 4.8cm

Chuckit Erratic Ball S (2) 4.8cm

Ref: 69895


8.48 (Inc VAT )

Ok, so you've tried a lot of balls for your pooch and just haven't found THAT ball? If the wether is good outside and the grass is reasonably firm that the Chuckit! Erratic Ball is one of the best balls you can your paws on because when the ball lands after being thrown it goes all over the place.

The Erraitc Ball will fit in a ball thrower (except the XXL size) and can be thrown quite a distance. When it lands it'll be, well, erratic with its bounce which in turn will stimulate your pooch during fetch games. It's made from natural rubber, is hollow so it won't float but can take some serious playtime. The firmer the surface the better so long grass is not ideal.

{Size Guide:}

S (2 balls per pack) - Will fit the Mini Ball Launcher only

M (2 balls per pack) - Fits a normal ball thrower as well as the Chuckit! Pocket, Junior, Classic, Ultra Grip, Pro 18M and Pro 25M Ball Launchers

L (1 ball per pack) - Fits the Mega Launcher and the Pro 26L

XL (1 ball per pack) - Will fit the Pro 26XL Ball Launcher only

XXL (1 ball per pack) - Designed to be thrown by hand or kicked

What size is best for my dog?

S - Toy breeds such as a Shih Tzu or a King Charles Spaniel

M - Great size for most breeds ranging from Jack Russells to Labradors

L to XXL - For medium to large breeds, the bigger the dog, the bigger the ball.

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