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Chanelle Thrive Extra Sheep 2.5L PML

Chanelle Thrive Extra Sheep 2.5L PML

Ref: 66905

MPN: CP7250

60.00 (Inc VAT )

Thrive Extra is a unique formulation specifically designed to assist in maximising sheep production by alleviating deficiencies and imbalances of essential vitamins and trace elements that would restrict performance.

Suitable for use with all breeding, growing and finishing sheep including lambs.

Designed to:

Increase overall fertility in rams and ewes.

Enhance immunity, vaccine response and colostrum quality.

Strengthen vitality to improve lamb survival.

Improve skins and live weight gains in all growing and finishing sheep.

Product Category: Supplements
Animal Type: Livestock
Species: Sheep
Package Sizes: 2.5 L

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