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COA Boomer Ball 10"

COA Boomer Ball 10

Ref: 42477


28.00 (Inc VAT )

The Boomer Ball is no ordinary dog ball. It's virtually indestructible!
The Boomer Ball is the ultimate tough toy for strong dogs! The virtually indestructible Boomer Ball is puncture proof and floats on water - so you can bet it can withstand some serious heavy-duty playing! The Boomer Ball isn't designed to be carried but rather as an on the ground chase toy that your dog pushes with his nose. Check out the video see some Boomer-Ball-loving dogs in action.

Dogs can try and try all they want, but the Boomer Ball is virtually indestructible. It's gotta be the toughest dog toy ever made. Dogs love chasing the Boomer Ball around the park or backyard. Once dogs get the hang of playing with it, there's no doubt they'll beg to play with it again and again. And you can bet the Boomer Ball will give your pooch plenty of exercise, so be sure to have a nice big bowl of water on hand for your soon-to-be-thirsty dog!

•Super tough

•Floats on water

•Fun to chase

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